Most Famous Temples in Kerala

The temples of Kerala add up a unique charm to the state and are known for their rituals, offerings, festivals and customs. The history of some of the religious monuments dates back to the times of the Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Some famous temples of Kerala are given below :

Chottanikkara Temple

Located in the outskirts of the city of Kochi, Chottanikkara temple is made in honor of Goddess Bhagavathy. The goddess here is worshipped in three forms namely Saraswati (morning), Bhadrakali (noon) and Durga (evening). At each time the goddess is draped in attire of different colors and stands on a mound of sand and is not ground fixed.

Guruvayoor Temple

This is one of the most important religious monuments in Kerala dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is believed that the images here are as old like 5000 years old and thus exude a charm of their own. The temple that embraces a distinct religious aura has played host to numerous marriage and rice feeding ceremonies. The Sree Kovil, where the main deity is places is the highlight of the temple along with the dhawjastambha and deepastambha. Some of the cities worshipped here are Ayyappa, Ganapathy and Bhagavaty.

Vadakkumnathan Temple

Made in Honor of Lord Shiva, the temple was constructed under the reign of the Parsurama, the creator of the state. It is one of the largest temples located in the state of Kerala, which is spread across an area of 10 acres. The temple also houses images of Ayyappa and Lord Rama. It is believed that the famous Adi Shankaracharya spent last days of his life here. One of the amazing thing observed here is the Mahalingam of Shiva which is covered with 11 feet high mound of ghee. Situated in Thrissur, the temple also pay host to the famous Thrissur Pooram.

St. Sebastian Church -

Situated at a distance of 22 km from Alappuzha, St. Sebastian Church is profoundly honored by the Christian population of Kerala. The church was erected by the Portuguese missionaries and is known for the 11 day festival of St Sebastian that is celebrated in the second week of January. As per one of the practices the devotees crawl on knees from the church to the beach as a mark of respect to their saint.

The Churches at Muttuchira -

Snuggled in the district of Kottayam, the churches at Muttuchira are a total of three. The entire group of three churches was built in the same compound but during different times and thus depicts the development of Kerala’s church architecture in between the time gap. Neo Boroque style is the oldest form of architecture depicted here.

Aranmula Temple -

Situated at a distance of 16 km from Tiruvalla, the Arnamula Temple is made in honor of Lord Krishna. Built during the Mahabharata era, the temple is also host to the annual snake boat race that is conducted here to recapture the cultural glory of the past.

Jewish Synagogue

The Jewish Synagogue located in Kerala was built in the year 1568 and later rebuilt by the Dutch. The synagogue still houses the scrolls of the Old Testament as well as copper plates. Moreover, one can come across numerous delicately molded gold and silver crowns that were presented to the synagogue by the patrons.

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