Kerala Culture and its Traditions

The land of Kerala is home to numerous diverse facets that fantasize travelers to set foot on this foreign land. The culture of Kerala famous for its vividness is one of the most prominent paradigms of its historic heritage. A brief description about the culture of Kerala is given below :

Language :

Kerala is the state with the highest literacy rate in India. While Malayalam and English are taught in the state, Malayalam is the regional as well as official language in Kerala.

Religion :

The state of Kerala is inhabited by people with varying faiths & creeds. The most significant religions of the state are Hinduism (56%), Islam (24%) and Christianity (19%). Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Judaism are the other religions that are practised in the state.

Architecture :

The architecture of Kerala can be classed into two major type’s namely Religious architecture (temples, churches, mosques) and Domestic architecture (houses).

Clothing :

The people of Kerala mostly wear light & loose attire to cope up with the hot climate. While the women wear sari with blouse, the men of Kerala go for a shirt and mundu and ‘neriyathu’ placed on the shoulder.

People :

The people of Kerala follow a unique lifestyle, are down to earth and follow traditional, time-honored practices and progressive, innovative trends.

Kerala Food :

The food of Kerala comprises scrumptious cuisines and delicacies that are simply moth watering. Rice is one of the most common spread of the Kerala plate. Coconut is an integral part of the cuisines. One can have some of the best vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes in Kerala.

Performing Arts :

The performing arts of Kerala are a perfect mix of vibrant dances, music and theater. Some of the famous dances performed there are Kathakali, Theyyam, Mohiniyattom, Kummattikkali etc.

Members of :

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